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2023 Mid-Year Snapshot

Mission Critical's termal bottle in the UH-60 Black Hawk flown by US Army WO1 Anthony Costabile.

At the mid-point of 2023, Mission Critical continues to see dynamic and sustained growth in the North American civil infrastructure sector. In response, we have streamlined our project selection process to manage increasing demand, expanded our Interview Preparation and Coaching capacity, and continue to educate the market on the importance of early client preparation to maximize project success.

Managing Significant Demand

As additional Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funds become available throughout the year, public agencies are expanding the use of alternative delivery procurement methods to gain the best value and meet rapidly expanding infrastructure needs. While CM/GC, CMAR, and Design-Build volumes continue at record levels, we also saw a substantial uptick in Progressive Design-Build and Best Value (BV) procurements in the first two quarters of this year.

This environment, combined with our strong performance as Alternative Project Delivery practice leaders (see: Technically Creative – Mission Critical’s 2022 Year in Review), has driven intense demand for our services. To handle this, we've streamlined our 2023 project review process and have set up a thoughtfully managed waitlist for 2024 projects. These strategic measures enable us to rapidly consider new projects while ensuring that each client benefits from our undivided focus and the necessary time investment to cultivate winning pursuits.

Expanding our Interview Preparation Capacity

In today's competitive landscape, many clients are finding themselves shortlisted and recognizing the need for comprehensive interview preparation and coaching. The evolution of project complexity has led agencies to enhance the role and importance of interviews in their selection process. These interviews serve as a valuable platform for agencies to assess the strength and compatibility of teams and individuals in an environment that encourages authenticity over scripted responses.

Throughout 2023, Mission Critical has seen a surge in requests from new clients for Interview Coaching as a standalone scope of service, a shift from our traditional model, where we primarily prepared teams as an extension of our Pursuit Management role.

In October 2023, we launch Mission Critical: Peak Preparation™, an optimized interview preparation approach combining individual training with in-person, group interview coaching. The Peak Preparation™ program avoids scripted narratives and equips each team member with robust tools to easily manage Q&A and scenario-based questions, using their existing knowledge and experience.

The Peak Preparation™ program helps teams prepare faster and more efficiently and reduces the number of large-group meeting days. Participants report they can better reduce and manage the anxiety typically associated with interview day.

Emphasizing the Importance of Early Client Preparation

Last, as we look through the end of 2023 and into 2024, we cannot stress enough the importance of early client preparation.

We believe in being strategic in our partnerships to navigate this competitive landscape and ensure our client's success. As you consider Mission Critical for your next project, here are three important areas we consider when evaluating projects for our team:

Client Groundwork and Pre-Positioning

Project Timing and Identification

Team Formation, Synergies, and JV Relationships

As we progress into the year's second half, we expect a continued upward spike in the volume of Alternative Project Delivery pursuits and a follow-on surge of our client teams preparing for interviews post-summer shortlist.

While we recognize the value of undiscovered or last-minute opportunities, we advise new and existing clients to analyze project timelines, engage in pre-procurement positioning, and assemble their teams as soon as possible. This proactive approach enables our clients to identify and vet projects that best meet their capacities, fosters early knowledge building, and maximizes team potential.


Mission Critical is excited to see the growth and expansion of CM/GC, Progressive Design-Build, P3, and other Alternative Project Delivery procurement methods. As we continue to help U.S. and international constructors win public works and private infrastructure projects in the Alternative Project Delivery space, we are committed to maintaining the focus, energy, and technical creativity that has sustained us since 2013.

To discuss projects or interview preparation for the remainder of 2023 or for information on joining our client development list for 2024, contact RoAnn Thorne at (602) 833-8673.

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