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Silverado-Pankow JV Secures Major 2024 Project Win

Valley Generating Station (VGS) Units 1-4 Demolition

San Fernando, CA - Mission Critical's joint venture client, Silverado-Pankow (SPJV), recently received Los Angeles City Council approval and a Notice to Proceed for the $105M VGS Units 1-4 Demolition project from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).  

This project award represents several important "firsts," including the first Alternative Project Delivery pursuit and project award for the Silverado and Pankow joint venture and Pankow's first pursuit with Mission Critical.

The VGS demolition is a landmark effort to help LADWP transform the facility to meet tomorrow's green energy standards. The project scope includes removing the four 250-foot tall red and white stacks, equipment, and structures within the demolition boundaries, including footings, cooling tower foundations, and underground fuel oil service tanks.

At completion, this project will free up to 12 acres of land within the facility to install a future renewable energy project to help LADWP meet greenhouse gas reduction and 100% renewable energy goals.

Project Elements:

Demolition, disposal, abatement, and site remediation services: SPJV will lead abatement and then demolish above and select below-grade systems, structures, and equipment within VGS Units 1 to 4 without impacting current facility operations. The VGS facility is one of LADWP’s four in-basin natural gas-fueled power plants and has a 576MW daily generation capacity.

New Facilities Construction: The project includes turnkey construction of three state-of-the-art buildings to support VGS personnel - the New Administration and Warehouse Building, New Maintenance Shops Building, and New Instrument Shop, alongside necessary spaces and parking facilities. The construction of new facilities is sequenced with the demolition to provide continuity for LADWP operations and staff.

Mission Critical as the Proposal Consultant

Mission Critical served as a pivotal force multiplier for the SPJV team. As proposal strategists, we developed a clear approach to building the team's Management and Technical proposals, which accounted for 77% of the total project scoring.

As technical writers, Mission Critical translated the team's expertise—including key sub-consultant and subject matter experts—into a cohesive response demonstrating how SPJV met LADWP's criteria, complied with local, state, and federal environmental standards and addressed the needs of facility and operations stakeholders. Our work extended past mere compliance. We aligned SPJV's in-depth expertise in demolition sequencing and new facility construction with the Agency's crucial concerns and goals for the project.

The team's strong scoring in the Management and Technical proposals laid the groundwork for this $105M project win by providing SPJV with a competitive edge when all teams were required to submit Best and Final Offers (BAFOs).

Images courtesy of SPJV

The demolition of the 250' tall Units 1-4 stacks presented special challenges for safe demolition given the tight project footprint and the immediately adjacent operational equipment. The VGS facility provides 5.7% of LADWP’s overall power generation, which equates to serving approximately 250,000 homes on average in the City of Los Angeles.


Project Agency and Team Members:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP)

Silverado Contractors, Inc.

Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd.

Destrier, Inc.

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