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Mission Critical's CFO, RoAnn Thorne, recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal

Mission Critical proudly announces CFO RoAnn Thorne as a recipient of the Phoenix Business Journal's Most Admired Leader Award for 2022. This accolade recognizes RoAnn's leadership in nurturing a top-tier workplace culture and her pivotal role in shaping the firm's continued success as a Proposal Consulting Agency in the civil Alternative Project Delivery market.

RoAnn's recognition by the Phoenix Business Journal celebrates her skill in creating and sustaining an inclusive, supportive, and dynamic work environment that drives the company forward and sets a benchmark for leadership excellence in the business community.

Being honored as a Most Admired Leader is not just a personal achievement for RoAnn but a moment of pride for the entire team at Mission Critical. RoAnn's visionary leadership and ability to inspire those around her have been instrumental in standardizing processes, attracting exceptional team members and focusing our team on delivering outstanding value to our clients.

This honor underscores RoAnn's impact on our firm and the broader business community, spotlighting her as a model for leadership excellence.



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We are Mission Critical  

Mission Critical partners with firms new to writing or developing Alternative Project Delivery pursuits and Top 400 firms focusing on their next big infrastructure project.


To discuss your Alternative Project Delivery pursuit goals with Mission Critical, please contact RoAnn Thorne, Principal. 

RoAnn Thorne, STP, ENV SP
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