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Continuing Work in Latin America

Mission Critical’s experience in the Latin American market began in 2017 with our work for Aeromovel Brasil S.A. Mission Critical’s 2022 Pursuit Management portfolio includes $18.4B in CMAR, CM/GC, Design-Build, and P3 infrastructure projects across the US and Canada. Our expertise in the civil infrastructure and Alternative Project Delivery procurement market makes us an exceptional partner for local, regional, and international firms pursuing work in Puerto Rico.

Background: For decades, infrastructure in Puerto Rico has suffered from a systemic lack of investment and extreme weather events. In 2017 alone, hurricanes Irma and Maria rendered over 97% of public roads and transportation facilities impassible, costing Puerto Rico billions of dollars in infrastructure repair and reconstruction costs.

In 2019, the American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Report Card for Puerto Rico found that “Puerto Rico needs to increase investment by $1.3 billion to $2.3 billion annually – or $13 to $23B over ten years – to update infrastructure to support economic growth and competitiveness.”

As investment in infrastructure increases, so will the need to drive the best value from procurement funding. Currently, the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA) joins over 45 Departments of Transportation in the United States, plus the District of Columbia, with legislative authority for using CMAR, CM/GC, and Design-Build on DOT projects. These Alternative Delivery procurement mechanisms will be essential in delivering rapid, innovative infrastructure construction and project delivery solutions.



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