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Understanding CM/GC. Pt. 2 - Procurement Process

This article is the second part of our "Understanding CM/GC" series - be sure to check out Part 1, "CM/GC - Methodology."

The CM/GC selection process is designed to identify the Contractor best suited to meet the project's specific needs. Unlike traditional Design-Bid-Build, the Owner evaluates, scores, and selects the Contractor based on qualifications rather than the lowest bid.

What is the typical CM/GC procurement timeline?

Owners may opt to evaluate and select a contractor in a 1-Step procurement based on written qualifications only ("Direct Select") or a 2-Step procurement which includes a shortlist of highest-ranked firms and team interviews.

Using a 1-Step procurement, Owners typically provide 4-6 weeks from when the project is advertised to when the written response is due. The amount of time Owners need to evaluate, score, and rank submittals vary, but Contractors can anticipate no longer than 4-6 weeks. Thus, from the project advertisement to the final section, plan for three months.

2-Step procurements are similar, but expand the timeline to accommodate the Project Interview. Typically in 2-Step procurements, the interview is quickly followed by the owner's final ranking and notice of award.

How does CM/GC selection work?

Here's how the process typically unfolds:

Owner Determination of Need and Applicability

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) or Request for Proposals (RFP)


Interviews and Presentations

Final Selection

On Review

CM/GC is a procurement and delivery framework that blends collaboration, efficiency, risk management, and innovation to deliver the best project value overall. The success of the method and the ease of adoption make CM/GC one of the most widely-used APD models in North America.

Qualifications-based selection helps Owners gain the best-experienced teams and value for unique and challenging projects. Preconstruction collaboration between the designer and contractor fosters innovative approaches to manage risk, reduce public impacts, and often accelerate project timelines. CM/GC creates a strong parity between the Owner's goals, the Designer's plans, and the Contractor's best means and methods for constructing the project.

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