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Mission Critical Launches "Peak Preparation" Program for Interview Teams

In a strategic move to enhance the success of teams navigating the complexities of Alternative Project Delivery (APD) procurements, Mission Critical is proud to announce the launch of its innovative new Interview Prep program, Peak Preparation

Drawing on over a decade of specialized experience in the civil infrastructure sector, Peak Preparation addresses a critical gap in the market: the need for an interview preparation model specific to civil construction, design or joint venture teams pursuing CMGC, Design-Build, and Progressive Design-Build or other alternative delivery projects.

A key facet of Peak Preparation is the emphasis on in-person work with both individuals and teams, designed to build skills in authentic, technical delivery. Importantly, we work to break teams' reliance on slide decks and pages of prepared notes, focusing instead on building approaches that incorporate the strength of individual styles and perspectives. This hands-on approach ensures that participants are prepared to present their ideas that align with the technical demands and project-specific realities of APD environments.

"Agencies are demanding to hear directly from the team members responsible for the daily management of their projects," says Matthew Costabile, Managing Partner at Mission Critical. Interview panels are scoring on straightforward answers and evidence that each team member understands the opportunities and challenges associated with the project."

As the APD market continues to evolve, Agency expectations for project teams to deliver insightful, honest and technical presentations are greater than ever. With the introduction of Peak Preparation, Mission Critical reaffirms its commitment to leading the industry in strategic pursuit management and comprehensive readiness for every client engagement. 

For more details on Peak Preparation, see our weblink here, or to schedule a confidential discussion, contact Matthew Costabile directly. 

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