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Understanding Design-Build. Pt. 2 - The Procurement Process

Following our initial discussion of the Design-Build methodology in Part 1, this segment focuses on understanding the stages and aspects of the Design-Build procurement cycle.

Design-build procurement is a strategic process beginning with pre-positioning ahead of project announcements and extending through detailed proposal development. Teams must demonstrate technical aptitude and creative problem-solving from the Request for Qualifications to the interactive Request for Proposals stage. Success hinges on presenting a compelling narrative highlighting the team's unique strengths and innovative approaches beyond cost considerations.

Project Advertisement/Announcement

When a Design-Build project is announced, it culminates years of preparation by the owner. Firms sometimes scramble to react when projects "hit the streets," but strategic positioning starts long before this point. Successful engagement involves early interaction with the client or agency, identifying partnerships and solidifying teaming agreements, and onboarding an Alternative Delivery Specialist like Mission Critical. Our firm excels in these early stages, leveraging our experience to assist our clients in gaining early and strong traction on logistics, teaming, and knowledge building. As a result, our clients are better prepared to focus on the technical aspects of the upcoming pursuit.

Step 1 - Request for Qualifications (RFQ) and Shortlisting

Step 2 - Request for Proposals (RFP)

Team Interviews

Proposal Evaluations and Scoring

Selection and Contracting

The Design-Build methodology offers owners streamlined project delivery, cost savings through integrated design and construction phases, enhanced communication with a single point of contact, and reduced risks due to shared responsibilities, leading to faster project completion and potentially higher quality outcomes. Navigating its procurement process, however, requires a depth of understanding and strong best practices to be successful.

As strategic allies through the process, Mission Critical's team helps you to navigate the intricate procurement phases with expertise, transform technical depth into compelling proposals, and articulate your unique strengths confidently—positioning your team not just as participants, but as frontrunners in the competitive Design-Build environment.

For firms new to the Design-Build landscape or those aiming to enhance their current practices, don't hesitate to get in touch with RoAnn Thorne to discuss upcoming opportunities.



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