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Boilerplate content will be the downfall of civilization.

By focusing on authentic content, a client pivots from one strategic win to secure another.


287 miles of Middle Mile Broadband construction in one $100M+ contract? The market went crazy. Again.

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In 2020, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funneled over $1 billion into state coffers for Middle Mile Broadband Initiative (MMBI) projects to begin to close gaps in the digital divide. This sudden availability of funds thrust state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) into a scramble to find effective ways to procure and manage historically large projects. Amid this challenging environment, our client —with Mission Critical as their Proposal Consultant Agency— had already clinched a formidable victory: a $55M, 180-mile MMBI project procured under a 1-step, direct-select CMGC. This win didn't just showcase their capability; it positioned them as front-runners in tackling the logistical, environmental, and technical complexities these vast infrastructure projects entail.

Yet, this success introduced a new and unexpected challenge when the same client pursued a second, even larger MMBI project procured by the same agency. The imperative for a new and re-tailored approach became clear as we eyed a second, even more ambitious project with the same agency.

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The first project's win, marked by high market interest and a strategic victory against seven competitors, underscored the need for innovation. The solution? Mission Critical led a deep dive into the specifics of the second, even larger, $112M project and worked with our client to develop a new approach tailored to meet the unique conditions and constraints of the new project.

A robust discussion occurred over why "winning content" couldn't be winning content again. It's all Middle Mile Broadband construction—right? Yeah, no.

First, Mission Critical identified the need for an entirely new data set. While the client embarked on exhaustive corridor evaluations using GPS and terrain analysis to drive and map the 287-mile stretch, Mission Critical's team completed a full benchmarking analysis, including cataloging the District's current project loading, the corridor geography and geomorphology, and corridor and facility profiles. We pared this new analysis with a detailed assessment of the newly formed joint venture's capabilities, laying the foundation for a compelling argument of logistical and administrative readiness.

We led the client to address the simultaneous project commitment directly by including both projects' key preconstruction and construction phase milestones into a high-level sequencing schedule produced in Primavera P6. We avoided boilerplate using a "10th person reviewer" strategy to scrutinize every section for originality. This rigorous editing process guaranteed the proposal reflected a fresh, bespoke approach to the project's unique demands.

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The result was a strong and competitive second direct-select win — against larger, more established firms—cementing the client's reputation in the developing large-scale MMBI market within the state. By sidestepping the boilerplate trap, our client won with a proposal that resonated with the procuring agency, showcasing a deep understanding of the project's intricacies and a detailing a robust execution plan.

This strategic win expanded the client's project portfolio and solidified its capacity in the growing sector. Leveraging the detailed, project-specific strategies formulated for these victories, the client later secured a third $1B MMBI project from the Agency under a new Job Order Contracting model.

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Tailoring solutions to project specifics and avoiding the pitfall of boilerplate distinguishes winners in the competitive APD landscape.

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