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Vigor Shipyards SW Yard Habitat Project

New client, first project win. Orion Marine Contractors, Inc. was awarded the Vigor Shipyards SW Yard NRD Habitat Project under a Design-Assist with a Cost-Plus-Incentive delivery method.

Key Information

Project Value: Confidential

Client: Orion Marine Group

Agency: Vigor Industrial Southwest

Delivery Method: Design-Assist / Early Contractor Involvement

Orion Marine Contractors, Inc. was awarded this Vigor Shipyards SW Yard NRD Habitat Project with Mission Critical as the Pursuit Manager. This in-water shipyard and aquatic habitat project was procured as a Design-Assist / Early Contractor Involvement with a Cost-Plus-Incentive delivery method to encourage schedule minimization efforts.

This marine shipyard project will include significant in-water and upland demolition and construction over 2.5 years. The project focuses on creating 2.7 acres of subtidal, intertidal, and riparian habitat for juvenile salmonids where the Lower Duwamish River meets Elliott Bay. The project will also include upgrades to shipyard infrastructure in the area. The project site includes state-owned aquatic land parcels leased to Vigor and a portion of state-owned marine land within the navigation channel of the West Waterway.

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