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South San Diego Middle-Mile Broadband Network

A second CM/GC Middle-Mile win. Middle Mile Constructors was selected to build 180 miles of middle-mile fiber/conduit.

Key Information:

Project Value: $56M

Client: Middle Mile Constructors, Griffith Company – HMS, a Joint Venture

Agency: Caltrans District 11

Delivery Method: CM/GC

This pursuit is the second Middle-Mile Broadband win between Mission Critical and a Griffith-led joint venture team in three months. The project is part of California’s Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative (MMBI) to bring high-speed broadband service to 39 unserved and underserved communities.

Mission Critical’s Pursuit Management success in Caltrans’ MMBI procurements has added $168M in total project value and over 400 miles of middle-mile fiber optic installation to our client’s backlog for 2023-2024.

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